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A sole proprietorship company owned and operated by
Wallace T. Scherer, Music Educator, Piano Technician
Phone: (561) 432-4121


A gift certificate is a nice way to express that you care for someone.

You may purchase the gift certificate for piano tuning and repair services, piano lessons, or for accessory items such as the grand piano string cover. If for tuning and repair services, or piano lessons, recipient's piano must be located in my normal service area. (Call me at 561-432-4121 to determine that.)

In order to purchase the gift certificate, first print out and fill in the form. Then mail it to me, or send it as an email attachment. Before sending it, be sure to either pay on line at my web site, or include a check if sending it by mail.

Once I receive it, I will contact you by telephone or e-mail to acknowledge receipt of the form and payment, and clarify any questions I may have. Then I will send you the gift certificate in the mail. You can then give it to the person you have named as the recipient.

Please be sure to tell the recipient to use it before the expiration date. If it is not used by then, it will become invalid. In that case I will return to you your purchase price less any processing and handling fees (about 4%).

If giving the certificate for piano tuning and repair services, please be advised that all work is charged at $98/hour. Additional mileage charges may apply in some areas. If the certificate value is for more than the actual charges, you may choose to either have the extra amount returned to you or remain as a credit for the recipient's next service call.

If the amount of the certificate does not cover all the charges, make sure the recipient is aware that he must pay any extra amount due. Typically, a piano that has not been serviced in several years will require about $110 to $150 in tuning and repair services. Thereafter, regular tunings for regular customers average about $92 each.

If the gift certificate is being given for beginning piano lessons for adults or children, I suggest a minimum purchase of six lessons ($210) as any less may not allow enough time for the beginning student to determine if this is something he can do.


Pay For Products and Services

Again, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at 561-432-4121.

Wally Scherer

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