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Ordering a 100% Wool String Cover

Note: The manufacturer prefers that you order your 100% wool string cover through your local piano technician. However, if he does not offer them, or if you prefer not to order through him for some reason, feel free to order here.

  1. To order a String Cover for your grand piano, you must know the make, model number, and size. If you have the bill of sale from the purchase, that will most likely tell you the information.

    • The model can also usually be found on the gold-colored cast iron plate, near the tuning pins. To see it you will probably have to remove the music desk.

      To remove the music desk, you may need to close the fallboard (key cover) first. The music desk may slide off to the front, or it may lift up. Some desks have to be slid forward or backward while lifting so a catch will pass through a slot. Some models may have a screw which must be removed before the music desk comes off.

      Some makes of pianos will have the model number at the far end of the plate, toward the back end of the lower treble strings.

      Model numbers are frequently a combination of letters and numbers, such as "C-3", "M-1", "KG-155", "50-C", etc. Some makes use only a single letter designation such as "S", or "M".

    • The size is the length of the piano from the front of the keyboard to the farthest point at the back of the curve. The price of the string cover is based on this, so be sure to have this correct to avoid delays in your order. You need to know if it is 6'1" or less, from 6'2" to 8', from 8' to 8'11", or 9' or more.

  2. Next, check this list to make sure a pattern is available for your make and model. String covers are only available from these patterns at this time.

    If the model number is not available, you will need to make a paper pattern for the string cover to be made from. Call Wally Scherer at 561-432-4121 if you need help with this.

  3. Once you know the make and model, you will need to decide what color of string cover you want. They are available in black, dark brown, medium brown, tan, burgundy, royal blue, light blue, and white. (The edge is serged using the same color thread as the cover material.)

  4. Decide if you want an embroidered border. If so, choose a thread color: red, blue, gold, white or black. Then chose one of two designs: Greek key or Feather. (See pictures)

  5. Once you have decided on these options, make sure you write them down on a piece of paper. You may order by mail or on line through the "Pay Now" button below. Please call Wally Scherer at 561-432-4121 if you have any questions before ordering. (Note: This is for retail sales only.)

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