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Protect your Grand Piano with a
100% Wool String Cover
Made in America

The String Cover is made of 100% wool material and fits inside the top of your grand piano, completely covering the string and tuning pin area. There are several advantages to using a string cover:

1. Over the years dust gathering in the windings of bass strings will deaden their sound. Use of a string cover prevents dirt and dust from settling on the strings.

2. Dirt, dust, and animal hair accumulating on the soundboard makes it look unsightly. Foreign objects falling on the soundboard, sometimes hidden from view and hard to find, will cause extraneous buzzing sounds. Use of a string cover will prevent these things from happening.

3. Sometimes objects fall into the action of the piano, causing certain notes to not work, and requiring a service call by your piano technician to remedy. A string cover will prevent that.

4. Accidental spillage of liquids may cause problems to the strings, action, or tuning pins. A string cover will greatly reduce the chances of that kind of damage.

5. Opening doors and windows will sometimes allow blasts of humid air to pass over the piano, causing rusting of strings and other metal parts. A string cover will eliminate most of that. I have seen unprotected pianos already getting rusty strings after only a year. Pianos with wool string covers will look brand new inside after many years.

Try this simple test to see if your piano needs a string cover.

(Note: polyester material is inexpensive and will keep dust and dirt out, but it will keep moisture in, causing more rusting.)

To keep the string cover from touching the strings, the cover is supported by wooden sticks which rest on the struts of the cast iron plate, or "harp". These support sticks are encased in pockets sewn to the underside of the cover, enabling the sticks to be easily removed and later replaced if the cover needs to be dry cleaned.

These 100% wool string covers are available for many popular piano makes and models. You may choose one of the following colors: black, dark brown, medium brown, tan, burgundy, royal blue, medium blue, and white. The edge is serged to prevent fraying, and there is a decorative border in either red, blue, or gold thread.

Use of a 100% Wool String Cover is like buying an insurance policy for your piano that never expires. It can save many times its cost in service charges and prolong the piano's value.

The price of the String Cover is $339 for a small grand piano up to and including 6'1". For pianos measuring 6'2" through 8', $389. For 8'1" to 8'11" $439. For 9' and longer, $489. Shipping is free in the continental USA. Please read the "Ordering Information" page.

Note 1.: This is for retail sales only.

Note 2.: Because of unacceptable business practices, we have discontinued offering the Edwards String Covers until further notice. We have found another manufacturer which provides an excellent product, a lower price, and excellent service. You will be very pleased!

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